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8 mai 2021 6 08 /05 /mai /2021 10:09


A porcelain doll regained a taste of life

After many adventures in intermediate stages,

The tips of her fingers moved as much as her eyelids

Until finally to find his child gaze.


His slide of the shelf caused a shock wave

Which left her in a crisis of consciousness,

Her stiff legs confirm her helplessness

To walk, she's ready to barter.


A baby followed the scene from a hidden corner,

By advance, he already knows the music,

Tame life, a bit melancholy,

No longer scares, he is now used to it.


A smile stretches, energetic lashes,

A sweet attraction that melts with pleasure

A puppet who falls in love with a sweetheart, as a vaccine

Against a heavy loneliness with a static line.


One hand then two spring up and look for

This sweet gift down on Earth like an invitation

To share feelings brought to the boil.

Their arms hang on at the cost of thoughful efforts.


The scale is fragile, worry can still be read

On faces still tense

But ready to cut through the air

And tasting the joys of a sweet dawn.





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