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1 mai 2021 6 01 /05 /mai /2021 10:08


Watching far away the horizon, a pirate so lost

No longer knows where really to look,

His name is certainly not the Captain Hook

But a wandering man so far of the coast.


Better for him to know how to swim and being strong

When the swell rises on his unluky ship,

Elsewhere, a mind is waiting a simple beep

For that never two hearts staying on their owns.


A love song on repeat makes him resist,

Remembering his treasure, this mermaid so amazing

Gone one day, letting him still willing

Again to meet, as first priority on his list.


Ready to listen, another sweet heart beats strongly,

Breaks the rules when the thunder brings the fire on,

Erasing the danger, this sudden attraction

Take away two souls to a paradise for eternity.


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