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  • Poem : Beyond the mirror ... (23/05/2021)
    Though a mirror, a furtive hand creeps, Fell the need to be free in other ways Without really caring about how tomorrow will be, It ended up getting lost in junk detours. Good for bad, an arm's lengh emerges as an extension, From a desire to get out of...
  • Poème : A porcelain doll is reborn to life... (08/05/2021)
    A porcelain doll regained a taste of life After many adventures in intermediate stages, The tips of her fingers moved as much as her eyelids Until finally to find his child gaze. His slide of the shelf caused a shock wave Which left her in a crisis of...
  • Poème : A hoped treasure for a lost pirate... (01/05/2021)
    Watching far away the horizon, a pirate so lost No longer knows where really to look, His name is certainly not the Captain Hook But a wandering man so far of the coast. Better for him to know how to swim and being strong When the swell rises on his unluky...


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  • : Mon Blog s'écrit en poésies, les thèmes abordés sont très variés (l'univers vampirique prédomine cependant) et toujours relatés avec une pointe d'humour, quand le sujet le permet. Pirate au grand coeur, conteur et raconteur d'histoires, mon autre grande passion est le dessin, surtout les portraits féminins. Divers articles ponctuels et photos sur le sport ou la vie courante complète ce blog, qui, je l'espère vous plaira.
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