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25 juillet 2015 6 25 /07 /juillet /2015 12:08


The sun now disappears for a day off,

The dance of the nightmares will begin soon,

Some vampires awaked over late noon

Are just searching juicy blood, they are both.


One of these couples, hands by hands, have this glance

Lost  for eternity, lost for the real life,

Only once a vision, a purpose biting like a knife

Finding a meal enough to continue their romance.


They are lucky, the street is full of people,

Noisy talks, attractive views to make such hungry

These cruel machines have the choice, easy

To follow, to choose like on trees for apples.


Not yet long teeth, two vampires are walking incognito

Like humans, laughing, sharing ideas normally,

Around, the moon is full but really so empty

Of darkness, a wall as an embargo.


Their moods changed, their faces are now so whites

Than they were usually, a precious indication

For a group of people coming now in action,

Werewolves against vampires, again will never bite.


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